Alistair Norris

Alistair is a multi-disciplinary Designer
and Design Director based in Singapore.

His focus is on building and managing design teams embedded with client venture efforts across multiple industries including;
Health care, Social care, Finance,
Housing, E-commerce
and Transport. 

2015 – Current
Director ofDesign

Alistair currently works at Agency in Singapore, where he is Direction of Design. He oversees a multi-disciplinary team of 5 disciplines and leads client design engagements and projects as well as contributing to the overall studio decision making and business development.

2021 - Current
Adjunct Professor

Alistair is also an Educator, teaching at the National University of Singapore as an Adjunct Professor at th

e Department of Industrial Design. His teaching focuses on bridging the gap between explorative divergent design research and hypothesis-driven converging design outcomes.

Alistair in his previous life  ↓

These are the different roles Alistair played over the years 

Clients Alistair has worked with  ↓

Just a selection of Alistair’s favourite projects

(Venture | 01) | Agency.

Designing and Building Blockchain ventures focused around music

(Space | 02) | Agency.

Researching and Designing the future of dormitories for Migrant workers in Singapore.

(UX Design | 03) | Agency.

Researching and Designing an SME portal for easier access to payment equipment in Singapore.

(Social Impact | 04) | Agency.

Research and Strategy planning to bring together 5 of the biggest hospital operators in Singapore to better support caregivers.

(UX & Product | 05) | Agency.

Research, UX and Product strategy for Berita Harian relaunch. SG Mark 2021 Winner. 

(Social Reearch | 06) | Agency.

Research and Report into the early impact of Covid-19 and remote work and the future trade-offs incoming at the inevitable cross-roads of the ‘return to work’. 

Q1 -> Q3 -2020
(Venture Building | 07)
| Agency.

Research and venture building of new product offerings to serve Singaporeans. Focus on Intrinsic motivation

(Futurism | 06) | IDEO.

Research and prototyping into the Future Kitchen 2025 as part of IDEO London.


The other side 


Online you can often find me going by the name Orcfull.

Whether that is making music, talking about politics, playing games or doing talks about design.

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24-04–2022       (Music | 01)
First single released on spotify.
28-03–2022       (Music | 02)
Latest song with own vocals.

07–24–2021        (Brand | 03)
Communication and Brand Design for ATHOS Performance in Singapore.

07–12–2021        (Brand | 04)
Branding and Logo for local botique ceramics brand Eastfield.sg 

15-04–2022        (Teaching | 04)
Playlist of videos produced for my NUS Platform ‘Migrant Workers: Designing for Long Distances Fathers, Husband, and Sons’

If you see me online, say hi :).